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Abnormal Security analyzes email to detect and stop:

• Spear Phishing
• Business Email Compromise (BEC)
• Email Account Compromise (EAC)
• Plus dozens of other targeted attacks, including those never seen before

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Abnormal x RSA

Abnormal Security will be at the Marriott Early Stage Expo from March 4- 8, 2019. Head to booth #104 for a product demo and to understand how we are stopping targeted email fraud.

The Problem

Despite multiple layers of investment into the email security infrastructure, targeted attacks continue to plague organizations. These traditional approaches look for known threat signals: bad sender reputation, the presence of malware or a malicious URL, or whether the elements of the email have been seen in the past. 

Today’s attacks game this model with highly targeted social engineering, resulting in a 100% YoY increase in SEG-bypassing email attacks.

The Abnormal Solution

Abnormal Security takes a data science approach to identify and stop advanced email attacks by building up a baseline of your organization’s typical email behavior and alerting to abnormalities. This approach results accurate detection of advanced attacks leveraging social engineering techniques.

Identity Analysis

Abnormal uses multiple data sources to confirm the identity of both the sender and receiver, building business-relevant profiles for senders and recipients.

Behavior Analysis

Behavioral Analysis baselines the organization’s communication patterns to understand individual / organizational behavior and emails in business context.

Content Analysis

The Content Analysis engine reviews each message to identify topics, subjects, tone and sentiment. Employee and vendor references are also considered.

Benefits to you

Comprehensive Visibility of Email

Unlike a traditional email gateway that only provides visibility to inbound/outbound messages, Abnormal Security also analyzes internal-to-internal messages, protecting against threats such as Email Account Compromise.

Real-Time and
Retroactive Protection

Abnormal Security protects against Business Email Compromise and other types of Spear-Phishing in real-time, but also allows for retroactive protection and remediation in the rare situations that a threat isn't caught at the time of delivery.

No Impact to Existing
Email Infrastructure

Fully interoperable with your existing Office 365 or G-Suite infrastructure - any existing components of your email infrastructure are unaffected.

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Get Value Fast

Fast: One-Click Integration

Integrates to Office 365 / G Suite via API. Takes just 5 minutes for an IT admin.

No Configuration Required

Works without any configuration or tuning.

Retroactive Analysis

Proof of Value delivered quickly. We can go back and identify threats that have already been delivered into inboxes.


What do enterprise security leaders say about Abnormal?

“I’ve only seen this approach for UBA and insider threat — not email. This is the approach you need to solve business email fraud - our #1 concern right now.”

CISO, F500 Chemical Company

“I view Abnormal as a knowledge base that measures how often you email others, builds a relationship graph between people, and builds credibility around my emailing behavior for high risk employees and departments - makes complete sense.”

CISO, Public Technology Company

“Abnormal Security’s ability to turn around & modify the service to end users’ needs is by far better than any other vendor I have [out of 1,000 technology vendors].”

CISO, Large Oil & Gas Company

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Schedule a 30 minute call to see a product demo, ask questions and better understand how Abnormal Security can help protect your organization against socially engineered attacks.

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