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Stop Targeted Email Fraud in 30 seconds

With a 1-click API integration and zero configuration, Abnormal Security detects, analyzes and stops the targeted email attacks that evade traditional email security solutions, such as business email compromise (BEC), email account compromise (EAC) and spear phishing.

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Abnormal x RSA

Abnormal Security will be at the Marriott Early Stage Expo from March 4- 8, 2019. Head to booth #104 for a product demo and to understand how we are stopping targeted email fraud.


Targeted Email Attacks Bypass Legacy Email Security

Blacklist-based approaches rely on previously seen bad emails and can’t stop targeted email attacks that have never been seen before.

Conventional email security systems were designed to stop bulk spray-and-pray spam campaigns by recognizing email signatures, links, and attachments of "known bad" emails.

Business email compromise and spear-phishing attacks bypass existing email security solutions because these blacklist-based approaches do not work for targeted email attacks that lack these signals or characteristics of previously "known bad" emails.

Targeted Email Attacks by the Numbers


Cyber crime

Source: FBI report 2017


Growth rate of targeted email fraud

Source: FBI report 2017


Of known APTs use spear phishing as their primary threat vector

Source: Symantec ISTR report 2019


More financial loss than all other cyber crimes combined

Source: FBI report 2017


Abnormal Security detects, analyzes, and blocks targeted email fraud before it reaches your inbox.

Abnormal Security connects seamlessly into your cloud email system with a 1-click API integration, requiring no hardware, no software, and does not impact existing security or network performance. Without any setup or configuration, Abnormal Security’s email security platform automatically prevents a wide range of targeted email attacks that get past legacy technology.

Spear Phishing

Business Email Compromise

Executive Impersonation

Voice & Invoice Fraud

Account Takeover

Social Engineering

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Abnormal Stops Advanced Email Attacks

Our solution automatically stops advanced attacks that current providers do not protect against by analyzing the normal behavior and content of business email and looking for deviations to identify abnormalities.


Behavior Analysis

We baseline “normal” sender, receiver, and organizational behavior to understand emails in their business context

UNIque data sources

Identity Analysis

We pull in external data sources beyond email to build business-relevant profiles of an email’s senders and receivers

natural language processing

Content Analysis

We use Natural Language Processing to identify what is actually being said and how it is being said in the email communication


What do enterprise security leaders say about Abnormal?

“I’ve only seen this approach for UBA and insider threat — not email. This is the approach you need to solve business email fraud - our #1 concern right now.”

CISO, F500 Chemical Company

“I view Abnormal as a knowledge base that measures how often you email others, builds a relationship graph between people, and builds credibility around my emailing behavior for high risk employees and departments - makes complete sense.”

CISO, Public Technology Company

“Abnormal Security’s ability to turn around & modify the service to end users’ needs is by far better than any other vendor I have [out of 1,000 technology vendors].”

CISO, Large Oil & Gas Company

Get Value Fast

One-Click Integration

Very fast integration via Office 365 API - Takes 5 minutes for an IT admin

No Impact to Email Performance

API integration does not affect email availability and adds ZERO delay to incoming messages

No Setup Required

Works on day one, out of the box

Retroactive Analysis

No need to wait to see if it works for the next attack. We can go back in time and tell you what threats were already successful

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Schedule a 30 minute call to see a product demo, ask questions, and understand how you can instantly solve targeted email fraud for your company in 1-click today.

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